Boys Fleeces

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Trespass Childrens Boys Etto Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$47.99$15.95-$30.89
Regatta Childrens/Kids Highton Camo Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$53.99$16.99-$27.63
Trespass Childrens Boys Edvin Fleece Top
Regular price$58.99$24.23-$42.05
Trespass Childrens/Kids Gladdner Fleece Top
Regular price$54.99$24.05-$32.83
Trespass Childrens/Kids Keynote Fleece
Regular price$36.99$26.44-$28.78
Regatta Childrens/Kids Peppa Pig Hoodie
Regular price$62.99$45.96-$46.00
Regatta Childrens/Kids Laurden Overhead Fleece
Regular price$69.99$23.61-$31.26
Dare 2B Childrens/Kids Cushy Floral Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$58.99$22.97-$34.35
Craghoppers Childrens/Kids Reagan Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$72.99$68.25-$79.21
Dare 2B Childrens/Kids Cushy Geometric Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$58.99$29.31-$31.24
Dare 2B Childrens/Kids Exception Recycled Fleece Top
Regular price$76.99$20.16-$46.43
Regatta Childrens/Kids Dissolver V Fleece
Regular price$79.99$23.07-$32.56
Regatta Childrens/Kids Markas Brushed Cotton Fleece
Regular price$62.99$26.72-$31.24

For school and outdoor wear, we have an excellent range of Children's Fleece Tops at Universal Textiles. Made from premium quality anti-pilling material, these tops are sure to keep them warm even when spending long periods in the cold. From top brands such as Result and Jerzees, you can be sure you're kitting your kids out with the best quality clothing at affordable prices.