Womens Fleeces

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Trespass Womens/Ladies Skylar Fleece Top
Regular price$49.99$21.78-$45.38
Trespass Womens/Ladies Meadows Fleece Top
Regular price$55.99$27.63-$40.43
Regatta Womens/Ladies Solenne Fleece
Regular price$69.99$27.26-$48.94
Dare 2B Womens/Ladies Half Zip Long-Sleeved Fleece Top
Regular price$94.99$24.70-$41.18
Trespass Womens/Ladies Tenderness Leather Fleece Top
Regular price$104.99$44.63-$50.64
Regatta Womens/Ladies Kizmitt Marl Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$62.99$26.01-$30.08
Regatta Womens/Ladies Hedda Marl Cowl Neck Fleece Top
Regular price$62.99$25.93-$41.59
Regatta Womens/Ladies Camiola II Stripe Fleece Top
Regular price$95.99$32.02-$41.01
Dare 2B Womens/Ladies Freeform II Fleece
Regular price$53.99$18.33-$42.18
Regatta Womens/Ladies Pimlo Half Zip Fleece
Regular price$57.99$23.56-$45.50
Regatta Womens/Ladies Kizmit Two Tone Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price$65.99$28.95-$32.41
Trespass Womens/Ladies Fairford Fleece Top
Regular price$103.99$35.98-$62.73
Trespass Womens/Ladies Olga Leather Fleece Top
Regular price$72.99$51.79-$56.99

Many of our Women's Fleece Tops are made of premium quality microfleece fibres. Lightweight and warm, they are suited to outdoor pursuits and everyday activities. From brands such as Spiro and Front Row, our Women's Fleece Tops represent great value.