Workwear Accessories

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Portwest Hi-Vis Braces
Regular price$19.25
Dewalt Auger Safety Eyewear
Regular price$28.99$23.40
Portwest Leather Safety Hood
Regular price$35.25
Portwest Ear Defenders And Visor
Regular price$50.76
Portwest PW42 Clip-On Ear Defenders
Regular price$25.91
Portwest Premium Ear Defenders
Regular price$39.48
Portwest Plus 2 Point Safety Harness
Regular price$121.15
Portwest Auck Half Mask Respirator
Regular price$77.60
Portwest PA63 Head Torch
Regular price$29.58
Projob Knee Pads (Pack of 2)
Regular price$18.69
Projob Ergonomic Knee Pad
Regular price$75.99$69.03
Portwest Head Torch
Regular price$27.59

Choose from a variety of Workwear goods at Universal Textiles. All made to a high standard, adhering to the required safety regulations, we have a huge choice available. Here you'll find Overalls, Ear Protectors, Safety Goggles, High Visibility Clothing , Protective Pads, Hard Hats and much more. Shop for yourself or your business today.