Mens Shirts

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D555 Mens Western Style Denim Shirt
Regular price$66.99$63.94
D555 Mens Kingsize Western Denim Shirt
Regular price$99.99$76.84-$98.40
B&C Mens Smart Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt / Mens Shirts
Regular price$50.99$38.05-$54.11
B&C Mens Smart Short Sleeve Shirt / Mens Shirts
Regular price$47.99$35.24-$51.30
Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Short-Sleeved Shirt
Regular price$66.99$34.49-$71.16
Premier Mens Long Sleeve Formal Plain Work Poplin Shirt
Regular price$47.99$21.50-$42.05
Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Long-Sleeved Shirt
Regular price$73.99$58.98-$82.98
D555 Mens Aeron Kingsize Short Sleeve Classic Regular Shirt
Regular price$60.99$43.28-$56.90
Christmas Shop Mens Printed Christmas Shirt
Regular price$51.99$21.68-$53.71
Craghoppers Mens Expert Kiwi Long-Sleeved Shirt
Regular price$88.99$85.46-$85.59
Premier Mens Maxton Check Long Sleeve Shirt
Regular price$39.99$36.96
Kustom Kit Mens Short Sleeve Pilot Shirt
Regular price$56.99$55.66
Elevate Vaillant Long Sleeve Shirt
Regular price$78.99$20.30-$74.41

If you're after Casual or Formal Shirts, pick from a wide selection in several fits and finishes at Universal Textiles. Choose from classic Oxford and Poplin Formal Shirts and Checked and Denim Casual Shirts. We have long and short sleeve designs, whilst for those looking to make a bolder fashion statement we also stock Hooded and Hawaiian Shirts.