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Result Womens/Ladies Core Fashion Fit Fleece Top
Regular price$53.99$53.14-$53.19
Trespass Womens/Ladies Audrey Padded Jacket
Regular price$222.99$80.36-$175.54
Result Womens/Ladies Core Printable Softshell Jacket
Regular price$59.99$55.36-$55.73
Trespass Womens/Ladies Seawater Waterproof Jacket
Regular price$201.99$69.53-$102.00
Trespass Womens/Ladies Elisabeth Ski Jacket
Regular price$535.99$183.74-$248.09
Regatta Womens/Ladies Floreo IV Full Zip Fleece Jacket
Regular price$81.99$21.12-$63.25
Trespass Womens/Ladies Rainy Day Waterproof Jacket
Regular price$193.99$68.33-$143.00
Trespass Womens/Ladies Beaming Packaway Hi-Vis Jacket
Regular price$104.99$61.09-$73.05
Trespass Womens/Ladies Nonstop Fleece Jacket
Regular price$66.99$46.16-$50.43
Trespass Womens/Ladies Flourish Waterproof Jacket
Regular price$151.99$63.22-$112.31
Trespass Womens/Ladies Sabrina Waterproof Jacket
Regular price$134.99$44.28-$75.23
Result Core Womens/Ladies Printable Softshell Bodywarmer
Regular price$50.99$32.05-$53.68
Trespass Womens/Ladies Ciaran Fleece
Regular price$98.99$34.96-$54.90
SOLS Womens/Ladies North Full Zip Fleece Jacket
Regular price$59.99$47.56-$56.23
Trespass Womens/Ladies Shoreline Rain Jacket
Regular price$233.99$73.80-$97.86
Stedman Womens/Ladies Active Fleece Gilet
Regular price$42.99$37.56-$39.16
Trespass Womens/Ladies Bela II Waterproof Softshell Jacket
Regular price$210.99$78.84-$122.35

A great winter jacket can often be difficult to find. Combining both practicality and style, we are delighted to offer a top range of Womens Jackets and Coats in several designs. From top quality brands, our jackets come in a variety of styles. From the packable poncho to a fleece lined jacket, the majority are windproof and water resistant, made with breathable and insulated fabric to keep you both comfortable and warm.